Wednesday, August 18, 2010

the other woman

This is scary. It's something us ladies do not want to talk about. The rug gets plenty of dust from this subject as we keep sweeping under and under.....

But it's real gals. It stares our husbands, and yes us, in the face every day. They are out there. The innocent ones and the not so much ones.

You know who they are. You have seen them, and might have even dealt with them. A wink, a smile, maybe even directly in front of you as they zoom in on your man. Forget the ring. Forget the kids. All they see is HIM.

You might even know some by name. This might be hitting to close to home. Like "smashing in the windows of your heart" home.

I'm not saying that you will be able to stop it from happening. Life unfortunately has a way of doing it's own thing. So do the people that live on this earth. But at least we can fight this fight the best we can and hopefully keep our man on the right side of the canyon- with us....

*DON'T NAG! Plain and simple, men hate it and hate what it turns us wives into!
*DON'T have a bud. Male best friends. I'm not being old fashioned here, just honest. If you share your feelings and thoughts with that co-worker, church member, dude at the checkout might find yourself bonding to the wrong fellow, and that just opens the door for your man to do the same with her...

*DO PRAY, PRAY, PRAY!! Our men need it every day, throughout the day! Pray for their eyes and their minds, and that the Lord would keep those women away!
*DO show respect. You can't expect to tear away at your man's character and expect him to want to stick around. If you have a bone to pick with him, go about it the right way.
*DO flirt. Attack him in the kitchen. Leave love notes in his lunch. Call or text with sexy suggestions. Keep his pilot light lit. The more you keep him satisfied with the flesh, the less likely that flesh will radar in on someone else....and against you.

Saturday, June 5, 2010


It is definitely something I would get in debates over. It infuriates me the way women let everything hang out and then look totally shocked when men come on to them. Ladies, it's not rocket science! If you are going to show them the goods, they are going to get excited over it! It is sad that women take the thing that made men who they are and then use it against them.

And not only would I talk about dress, but attitude. One of the things that has always stuck in my head about the Bill Gothard seminars I went to as a young adult is this: People defraud one another. You flirt, tease, and then leave. It leaves a hole inside of them that God wants us to fill with sex. The right kind. But when it is offered beforehand, it creates frustration.

I love what Michelle Duggar calls it- modern modest. You can look great but still hold true to your Christian example.

I daydream sometimes about my book becoming a best seller, becoming famous, and being asked to do conferences.

This is how I would open this topic of purity:
I would walk on stage. Dressed in a simple pants suit somewhat low cut, but still modest, and hair free falling down my back. I would smile at my audience and say, "Good evening, tonight we will be talking about......" and then I would turn my back on my watchers. I would then whip my hair into a very tight bun, button up my jacket to where it had the appearance of a turtle neck, and lower my glasses onto the edge of my nose, turn and say (in a very old maiden-ish voice)......"sexual purity!"

I hope they would laugh. I know I do when I think about it. It's because that is the opinion of the world when it comes to that topic. They don't put the modest with the beautiful. If you are modest you are prudish. You are goody-goody. You are just "a great personality..."

I hope I am one of the women that prove them wrong.

* DON'T flaunt or flirt. Save it for your mate. I regret that so much.
*DON'T keep things that give off that spirit. It's hard to not want to "dress to attract" when you have PEOPLE magazine staring at you.
*DON'T depend on your sight alone to tell you if you are modest or not. Recruit the help of a male. Husband, brother, cousin, friend. They have the outside track.

*DO focus on becoming attractive the right way. Your love, your smile, your sweet spirit. It makes you much more attractive than some cleavage and a tight skirt. You will also attract the right kind of men. Do you want your husband only loving you for the show that you put on?

*DO stand up for your fellow man. If you see a female heading your way that has that look, help them avert their eyes. I have had males in my life thank me for it. Trust me, it will make a huge statement of your love for them.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I have short paragraphs floating around in my brain, and at one time they were in a notebook somewhere, but it never got finished and ended up gathering dust. I thought this would be a good way to jot down my ideas without worrying about them fitting into a certain chapter, or what not. It is definitely going to be a rough draft, I am not going to worry so much on how it sounds, but just brainstorm while I type and see where it all leads.

The general idea of this book is this:

Everyone screws up. It's something we all try to avoid but never seem to accomplish. On the other hand, diamonds are something that everyone wants. They are worth a lot and you would probably keep one if you found it.

I want to take different subjects and then list the "screws" that I have learned from that experience, as well as the "diamonds" that are worth keeping.

Make sense?